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Heat Treated Pallets: The Safest Choice for International Shipping

Updated: Jan 29

Heat-treated wood is one of three treatments recognized by The World Trade Organization for wood packing material (WPM)-- and for good reason. Heat treated pallets support sanitary shipping environments and reduce potential pest and disease risks to people, pets, and plants in importing countries. 

Naturally, pallets are a plant-based product so the potential of transporting plant-based pests to other nations is great but the easiest remedy is a Heat-Treated Pallet.  Heat-treated wood is sterilized in accordance with The International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM 15); making them the safest, most effective option. 

Left: A member of the TOP Pallets team stamping our ISPM 15 Stamp Center Image: Approved formats of HT stamps Right: HT NELMA Lumber

Heat Treated Wood and ISPM 15 Certification

Heat-treated wood is sterilized in accordance with The International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM 15); making them the safest, most effective option.

What is the ISPM 15?

The ISPM 15 is an International Phytosanitary Measure developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) which serves as a basis for the harmonization of sanitary and phytosanitary measures across countries.

Shipping containers with heat-treated pallets for international export - ISPM 15 certified, safe shipping, wooden pallets
Global Dispatch: Our heat-treated pallets set sail, safeguarding cargo and ecosystems worldwide. 🌍🚢 #ShippingSafety #InternationalExport

How to Heat Treat wooden pallets ? 

Wood is heat treated in 3 simple steps according to the Guide to regulation of wood packaging material (

  1. First, the wood must undergo a thorough debarkment. Debarking is an industrial process in which most of the bark of the harvested tree is removed. Pests and larvae living in the bark will be removed during debarkment. 

  2. After debarking, the wood is heated at a minimum temperature of 56 °C for 30 minutes throughout the entire profile of the wood. Wood may be heated by using steam, hot water, or dry heat.

  3. Lastly, the wood is marked with an ISPM 15 symbol on opposite sides of the wood. This stamp verifies the wood has been subjected to a phytosanitary treatment in accordance with ISPM 15 regulations. 

All wood packing material, including crates, boxes, and packing blocks, etc. can be heat treated; wood's natural malleability makes heat treated pallets the optimal fit for meeting market demands, as the world's growing need for convenience shopping and same-day shipping increases.  

Why Choose TOP Pallets for Heat-Treated Pallets?

TOP Pallets believes that heat-treated pallets are a crucial line of defense as we interact with the incredible world around us. TOP has been a trusted source of ISPM 15-compliant pallets for over three generations. Servicing distribution centers for major companies such as Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and Ceva with reliable, durable, pest adverse pallets. Our team knows international shipping can be tricky that’s why we walk customers through the nuances associated with shipping to different countries and deliver pallets with precise dimensions and treatments that meet receivers’ international shipping standards. Do you need a heat-treated pallet?

Do you need a Heat Treated HT Pallet?

 If so, request a quote by clicking here or learn more about our extensive pallet inventory at

Put your Goods on TOP and we’ll take care of the rest.



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