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Our +35 year story, built one partnership at a time.

Thanks to our +500 customers, what started out as a family business has grown into one of the largest networks of pallet manufacturers and professionals in the Midwest.

Worker driving forklift to loading and unloading wooden pallets from truck to warehouse ca


You should be able to rely on your pallet provider to over deliver.

Our team works together to deliver a world-class pallet experience for businesses of all sizes, across all industries – and we’re thankful for every single one.



To deliver the best
customer service in pallets.

“Our family and our team are grateful for each customer who has trusted us with their business over the years and helped TOP become a leading pallet provider.

The bottom line is that most businesses simply can’t run without pallets - so our promise is to always go above and beyond to get you the right pallets at the right time. If that means pulling together a rush order or delivering during off hours, our team is ready to do everything we can to make sure your business stays on track.


We’re proud to support Fortune 100s with global supply chains as well as growing local businesses - and we earn every new partner's trust by providing the same top tier service and peace of mind.”


 - Joe Trujillo, TOP Pallets CEO

We’re hiring people who want to bring a fresh perspective to pallets.

We see big opportunities in how quickly the pallet industry is innovating - not only for our partners, but also for our team. We're looking for teammates who want to build a company where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and live up to their highest potential.

The same way we continuously improve our production and delivery services, we always strive to create a more safe and rewarding environment for our team - and we here it shows in the quality of our products and services.

Want to build a career in pallets? Get in touch with us for all positions!

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Helping build a
greener supply chain.

Our team is dedicated to working towards a zero waste supply chain for ourselves, our customers, and our planet.

For every tree used in our process, we plant one more to make sure our planet is healthy for future generations.


Let's create a world-class pallet network for the Midwest.

We’ve built a service network of the highest quality manufacturing partners to better serve all of our partners' Midwest locations.

If you’re a pallet manufacturer in the Midwest, reach out to join our partner network!

We don't just provide pallets
– we deliver results.

Our constant commitment to operational excellence and innovation means we’re ready to help your business thrive today. Explore our range of tailored pallet services and make TOP Pallets your trusted partner in success.

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