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TOP Pallets: Thanksgiving Edition

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

TOP Pallet’s Thanksgiving harvest is brimming and bustling with gratitude this year and it's all because of you–our amazing customers. Since 1990 we’ve made it our mission to serve the public with unwavering commitment and undeniable quality because what’s us without you? Our clients play an integral part in our success and it gives us much pleasure to wish our customers a joyous Thanksgiving. Thank you for putting “Your Goods on TOP” for all these years!

TOP Team members: Khepera, Joe, Moises, Jesus Jr.


Now let’s peek inside the deliciousness TOPs team is cooking this Thanksgiving!

Moises, TOP Operations Warehouse Manager

Moises can’t wait to get his hands on: Green and Red Salsa Pork Tamales

My mom has been cooking these tamales for the holidays since before I was born!

Carl, TOP Driver

Carl’s cooking up his mouth-watering: Turkey Stuffing!

Diego, TOP Pallet Manufacturer

Turkey Mole Poblano anyone? Diego’s chowing down on the good stuff this year!



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