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"We've been fortunate enough to work alongside TOP PALLETS for quite a while - It's been nothing but great experiences. Whether it's picking up last-minute loads or coming in after-hours, we know we can always rely on them! The TOP team has always gone above and beyond."
Pallet Management Specialist

About TOP Pallets 

Since 1990, TOP Pallets has been a multi-generational, family-owned business deeply rooted in the values of trust and community involvement. Our journey began over three decades ago, driven by the belief that customers deserve a pallet provider who consistently goes above and beyond expectations. We have always seen ourselves as more than just pallet manufacturers; we are your pallet concierge, delivering a white-glove-type service that makes our customers feel like part of the family. 


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Wood Pallet Solutions: Explore Our Range of Services for Reliable and Customizable Wood Pallets

Efficient Pallet Management Solutions: Streamline Operations and Maximize Efficiency with TOP Pallets

Custom Pallet Design and Production: Tailor-Made Solutions for Your Unique Needs by TOP Pallets

Pallet Repair and Maintenance Services: Extend the Lifespan of Your Pallets with TOP Pallets

Eco-Friendly Pallet Recycling Solutions: Sustainable Pallet Disposal and Repurposing by TOP Pallets

Maximize Value with Our Pallet Buy Back Program:

Sell Your Pallets for Top Returns at TOP Pallets

Quality Lumber Stock for Sale:

Explore Our Wide Range of Wood Products at TOP Pallets

Streamlined Shipping with Our Own Freight and Fleet:

Dependable Delivery Solutions by TOP Pallets

Certified Heat-Treated Pallets:

Ensure Compliance and Safety with TOP Pallets' Quality Solutions


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