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Top tier pallets – new, custom, and remanufactured.

Over the 35 years of producing precision-crafted pallets for every industry, we've seen it all. That’s why we confidently put our quality guarantee on every pallet we deliver.


Quality pallets that hold up to the demands of your business.

Our pallet experts work with our in-house fleet and storage facilities to make sure we’re ready to meet your last minute requests and long-term needs.

New Pallets


New Wood Pallets

Our new pallets make a great first impression, and will serve your business for multiple trips without needing to be repaired. We build and stock all standard sizes with custom designs available to fit your needs.

  • New Standard 48x40 

  • New GMA Pallets

  • New Four-Way Block Pallets

  • New Wood Skid Pallets


Heat-Treated Wood Pallets

If your company exports goods outside of the U.S. or deals with food-grade products, you’ll need our heat treated pallets. Our technicians monitor every step of the heat treating process to ensure safety and cleanliness.

  • ISPM-15 Certified

  • IPPC Stamped

  • Total Process Transparency

  • Safer Than Chemicals


Recycled Wood Pallets

Our recycled pallets are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for companies who need a dependable solution without needing to comply with any strict requirements or regulations.

  • Recycled 48x40 Pallets
    (A & B Grade)

  • Recycled GMA Pallets

  • Recycled Four-Way Block Pallets

  • Recycled Wood Skids


Lumber Stock For Sale

We maintain partnerships with the largest lumber producers in the midwest and get our manufacturing customers the best deals on wholesale lumber. Make us your one source for pallets and lumber.

  • Bulk Hardwood & Softwood

  • Pre-cut Pallet Stock

  • ISPM15 Heat Treated Lumber

  • Dunnage

Custom Pallet Design

Companies with oversized products or strict regulations rely on our experts to design industrial-grade pallets tailored to their products, supply chain handling, and storage conditions. Once built, we rigorously test each design so they’re made to last.

  • Precision Pallet Design Software

  • Industrial-grade Durable Materials

  • State-of-the-art Machining

  • Rigorous Testing

Our Product Catalog

We specialize in manufacturing all types of wooden pallets. Our pallet designers can also produce your pallets in custom sizes, as four-ways, and for heavy-duty weight requirements.

Trusted by +500 global brands and local businesses.

With +35 years of serving industry leaders, we know pallets are essential to your business
- that’s why you can rely on us to help reduce costs, create efficiencies, and become more sustainable.

CEVA Logistics

We don't just provide pallets
– we deliver results.

Our constant commitment to operational excellence and innovation means we’re ready to help your business thrive today. Explore our range of tailored pallet services and make TOP Pallets your trusted partner in success.

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